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2018 Worldwide Day Of Play In Kennesaw, GA

The Worldwide Day of Play (WWDOP), an initiative sponsored by Nickelodeon, is designed to encourage active play. Since 2004, Nickelodeon has designated the Worldwide Day of Play signaling children and families to move away from their television and computer screens by having the Nickelodeon networks and websites go dark for three hours. Over the years, these efforts have resulted in thousands of events and millions of kids being active and pursuing healthy lifestyles.

The 2018 World Wide Day of Play is coming up on Saturday, September 29th and to celebrate, Foundations will be hosting a few events around our camps for students!

  • Our early preschool classes will be hosting a water relay.
    • Each group will be given a plastic cup and a bucket full of water. The groups will have empty bucks at the finish line and the children will take turns filling up their cup from their bucket, then dumping it into their empty bucket. The group with the most amount of water in their finish-line bucket wins!
  • Our preschool classes will be hosting a bean bag toss game.
    • Each group will take turns tossing bean bags onto different point value plates. 
  • Our pre-k class will be hosting a hopscotch game outside.
    • Hopscotch is an “oldie but a goodie”, but is also one of the only activities where the students will use both their left and right brain. Different variations to the standard hopscotch game can be found here.
  • Our elementary classes will be hosting an obstacle course in the gym, which will end in our foam pit.
    • Our obstacle course will have a  series of challenging physical obstacles each student can navigate through. It will include running, jumping, crawling and climbing elements.

Of course, no matter where you live, you can participate in this special day by simply going outside and playing together as a family. Here are a few great activity suggestions:

  • Introduce your children to “old school” favorites such as four square, jump rope, tug-o-war and red light green light.
  • Take a hike together at one of the great trails around you! A few of our favorite local trails include the Kennesaw Mountain Trail, Amicalola Falls Trail and one of the Chattahoochee Nature Trails.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt in and around your neighborhood or a local park. Hide little trinkets or search for naturally occurring goodies in your backyard and beyond. This is a great activity to do with friends and keeps kids running around and looking up and down for items on their lists. A easy printable scavenger hunt list for children ages 4-10 can be found here, and one for children ages 10-14 is available here.