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Foundations School Administrators

Ms. Lynn McKinnon

Co-Founder, Head of School
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Lynn McKinnon is the true visionary behind the Foundations for the Future School. She started her career working for Kennesaw State University’s STARS program teaching faculty how to incorporate technology into their classrooms, which ignited her desire to have an impact in the field of education. More importantly, as a new mother, she saw the need to reach beyond the safe care of young children into a true educational format designed for young learners. She wanted to provide the best care possible and then add an innovative educational structure to capatalize on each child’s love for learning and exploration.

She partnered with her mother, Laurie Massaglia, to find a suitable location with enough land to design and build the Foundations Facility. They also then developed a new ‘non-traditional’ operating structure and curriculum to create an “optimal” learning environment for the youngest of our children.

At Foundations since: 2004
Education/Experience: Lynn Graduated Cum Laude from Kennesaw State University in computer science in 2003
Fun Fact: Lynn has three children attending Foundations: Kenzie (Tangs/toddler room) Hunter preK & James 6th grade. Her oldest (Scott) graduated in the first 5th grade graduating class and is in 9th grade at Dominion Christian school.

Ms. Laurie Massaglia

Co-Founder, CFO
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With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Laurie Massaglia, co-founder of the Foundations School, has successes in markets such as banking liquidity management, software development, commercial real estate design & development and now 21st century education implementation. What is common in her approach to business centers around creating win-win scenarios for businesses and their customers. She joined Lynn in the development and management of the Foundations School because she is passionate about children and providing an exciting family oriented educational school environment. Laurie has been a significant contributor behind the scenes at the Foundations School over the last decade, and her efforts are a true labor of love.

At Foundations since:
Education/Experience: Laurie Massaglia graduated Cum Laude from Florida State University in 1976 with a BS degree in Fashion Design, Merchandising and a Minor in Art.
Fun Fact: She has six grandchildren currently attending Foundations and the seventh graduated in the first 5th grade graduating class of Foundations 3 years ago.

Ms. Rebecca Smith

Business Director
[email protected]

At Foundations since: 2006

Education/Experience: I started my career in Retail Management and then moved to working as a Nanny and with other childhood programs.  I joined Foundations in 2006 as a teacher, then shifted to part time Administrator and worked my way into the Business Director position.  I enjoy the challenge of working with all the financial aspects of running a growing school with over 200 families.

Fun Fact: Rebecca enjoys being a “foodie” searching out fun and unique places to try types of food from around the world. With that inspiration, she is also a fantastic cook!

Ms. Valissa Hudson

Mentor Teacher Administrator
[email protected]

At Foundations since:  2007

Education/Experience: Val attended Columbus Technical College in Columbus – GA for Early Childhood Development & Education.  She has 10 years of experience in the childcare industry; 8 years as a teacher working with various age groups.  Val holds the liason position at Foundations and keeps teachers, parents and administrators all communicating effectively.

Fun Fact: Loves Zumba! It is such a fun and social way to exercise!

Ms. Jessica Sampson

Admissions Director
[email protected]

Foundations Since: 2014

Education/Experience: I have a BA in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked as Director of Early Education schools throughout the Midwest and Georgia including being a part of an Early Learning Initiative in Ohio.  I am familiar with ITERS, ECERS, NAEYC, Brigance testing and many other tools used to implement high quality in early education.

Fun Fact: I am married to the love of my life and have a step-daughter named Kayleigh.  We love to watch movies and go to Braves games.

Ms. Lindsay Arnold

Elementary Director
[email protected]

At Foundations Since: 2007

Experience/Education: Graduated from Kennesaw State University, BS in Health and Physical Education (P-12) and a Certification in Early Childhood Education.  Ms. Lindsay contributes to maintaining the structure of the Foundations School Age program and is passionate about the Foundations mission and teaching philosophies.  As Elementary Director she works with the teaching staff from PreK – 7th to ensure the team meets Foundations criteria for excellence. She also assists in maintaining our National Accreditations for the Childcare and Elementary/Middle School Programs.

Fun Fact:  Ms. Lindsay loves her dual role as admin/teacher because she gets to work individually with all the children and parents.

Believe, Do, Think

We are all here at Foundations because we believe…

Social science research shows there are three key parts to the process of reaching for and achieving a dream – Believe, Do, Think. 


Adapted from “Legacy”

As you work toward a dream, you go back-and-forth between all three.  At the most basic level, to reach for a goal you have to Believe in yourself and have the courage and confidence to move forward. Then you need to Do something, to take action. But you can’t just do anything – it has to be thoughtful and focused. You need to Think through a plan..”