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How to Make Math Beautiful Again

Why do a lot of children dislike math? Is the subject actually that difficult?  The Chicago Tribune reported that math-anxious parents may influence their children into hating the subject as well, even by unassuming statements like, “Math never made any sense to me.” The children of math-averse parents reported more math anxiety than kids whose parents weren’t. This proves that the resistance to math goes back generations. In reality, math can be a very interesting subject, and mathematicians would even say that it’s beautiful and important. Lecturer Vicky Neale shared that math guides her in coming up with strategies to a problem. If she comes up with a solution that seems clumsy, she’ll find a better, more elegant way to solve the problem. What she’s indicating is that math can be very much applied to real life, and not just problems in a book. The reason why many people hate math also stems from the way it is taught in school. Rather than learning it in a manner that they can apply it in actual situations, children are given problems on paper, with