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Before & After-School Program for Hayes Elementary Students

The Foundations For The Future School in Kennesaw, GA Offers Before And After School Care In Coordination With Hayes Elementary School

The Foundations For The Future school located in Kennesaw, Georgia is excited to announce before and after school care for students at Hayes Elementary.

This new program allows parents to drop their child off as early as 6:30 AM at the Foundations School and pick their child up as late as 6:30 PM in the evening at Foundations, with transportation being provided by Foundations to and from Hayes. Students are dropped off at Hayes Elementary by 7:25 AM. Students are picked up from Hayes Elementary School at dismissal and brought back to Foundations for an afternoon of snacks and enrichment opportunities such as assisted homework time, outdoor exploration, gym time, indoor rock climbing, arts and crafts, and more.  

Inspired by what they saw as a perfect opportunity to bring another affordable, quality, and convenient option for after school care to parents with students at Hayes Elementary, Foundations co-founder Lynn McKinnon stated, “We are excited about this opportunity to work with Hayes students this year.  We enjoy being a part of the community, and this will be a great way for us to form more relationships with families in the area.  We also look forward to partnering with Hayes Partners in Education for community service opportunities throughout the school year.”

The Foundations before and after school care program, sometimes referred to as an ASP program, has a low student teacher ratio of 1:12 compared with normal 1:25 state ratio that most ASP programs have. This allows the student to get more one on one personalized attention than standard after school care programs.

Parents interested in Foundations’ before and after school program can contact Foundations for the Future by email at [email protected], via telephone at 770-429-4799, or on their website. You can also take a virtual tour of the facility and even schedule tour with the Admission Director here.


If you would like more information about Foundations For The Future Creative Child Care and School near Marietta, GA, or about Foundations Elementary program, please contact us by email at [email protected], via telephone at 770-429-4799, or on our website.

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  1. Good job The Foundations For The Future School for conducting an after school program at Hayes Elementary School. Kids will get a lot of benefits from this event. Their future is looking bright for these kids.

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