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Every teacher wants lots of quality time with their students!

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The Foundations School in Kennesaw GA is just different everywhere. As part of the staff you will enjoy finding out about all the ways we work to make your job the best experience you have ever had. We have a warm and friendly staff, a beautiful facility and your feedback is always welcome. Here are a few of the things you will find that are unusual.

Our teaching methods – Our methods might be described as being influenced by Montessori and Reggio Emilia practices and are closely alligned with progressive teaching philosophies. These teaching techniques are based upon research results as outlined in the Research Basis section of our website. Concepts such as STEM teaching, Brain Rules and Progressive teaching methodoligies are all available. We encourage innovations in your classroom management techniques as long as they are in keeping with our philosophies.

Interest based lesson planning – Each classroom and group of teachers are responsible for being creative and able to develop your own lesson plans based upon your children’s interests and the overall goals for your classroom.


Room to grow – All teachers enter the school as “trainees” regardless of their experience and go through a process of training. As skills are learned and competency is demonstrated, trainees are eligible for promotion to a “permanent teaching” position. Along with the promotion the new teacher also receives a pay review and begins receiving holiday and vacation pay. Many of our teachers progress even further and show mastery in the teaching methods expected at the Foundations School. This creates more opportunity with a second promotion to “Mentor Teacher” status. Compensation potential increases again and other benefits double. Mentor teachers also have special responsibilities for training newer staff members.

Peer Reviews – Teachers are reviewed twice a year anonymously by all other staff. This “360” review gives them honest and constructive feedback from their peers rather than just input from one manager. It also allows teachers to give feedback to others on the staff.

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Quality time with Owners – Semi Annual reviews are scheduled with the owner of the company. This is a wonderful time to get to know the heart of what we believe and new leadership and training goals are established for you for the next six months. It’s an exciting aspect of your work. You are continually receiving feedback and training and you know what you need to do to continually raise your compensation level.

Scholarship possibilities – Discounts on childcare/elementary tuition are possible for your child/children as slots become available from other graduating students.

Fewer students – Classrooms have very low teacher to child ratios (1:4, 1:5 or 1:7). Give yourself the opportunity to work in an environment that supports your ability to teach in addition to care-taking.

Teacher advocate/trainer – You have a designated training and teacher advocate within the administrative team. Both of these trainers have taught at Foundations School for years and can help you achieve your career goals.

Facility & funOur facility is large and we take pride in supporting its continual improvement. We have extra supplies for classrooms available, beautiful outdoor spaces, 6000 sq. ft. of gymnasium and even free popcorn on Fridays for students and staff!

We are always looking to meet enthusiastic people dedicated to young children’s development and always accepting applications from qualified candidates. Different shifts are available from 6:30am to 6:30pm. All positions are Monday through Friday.

Hourly rates are from $8-12 ($8-$9.75 starting pay) in childcare building and based upon experience etc. for the elementary school. Foundations School is looking for a combination of experience, education creativity and attitude. We are looking for 2+ years child care or teaching experience, and/or a CDA or classes in Early Childhood Education, degrees preferred. Other experience a plus: general computer and digital camera use helpful.

To be considered for an interview, please send in a cover letter with your resume and a completed application:
Attachments in .doc, .wps or .rtf are acceptable. Email any questions to [email protected] We will call to set up an interview if your resume meets our requirements. We look forward to introducing you to our great administrative & teaching team!

Great Teachers are Our Key to Success

Foundations School is looking for long term passionate teachers for EVERY age group.  Many of our certified teachers begin work in the lower ages.  This allows them to have first hand knowledge of how children are prepared for thinking and learning once they reach elementary.

FFTF Teacher Longevity
3-10 Years 28%
1 to 3 years 43%
Substitues 19%
Total 100%

Foundations School offers careers to qualified teachers, not just jobs.  We are looking for long term relationships.