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Childcare Funding for Military Families

Foundations is proud to be one of the few approved military child care providers in the #Kennesaw #Marietta area! Many military families are eligible for financial subsidies that help pay their child care tuition at Foundations. We find that most military families do not even know about this great program, and it is an incredible benefit to the people that faithfully serve our country. The beginning of the school year is a great time for new families to start. We have very limited spaces in our #infant and young #toddler programs, and we are filling up fast in our early preschool and #preschool classes. Many active duty military families are eligible for up to $1500/month of assistance on their childcare tuition!

Army Child Care Assistance Information

(copied from on 6/22/17)

  • “Army Child Care Fee Assistance was created to provide authorized Reserve and Active Duty personnel assistance in locating, selecting, and offsetting the cost of civilian child care when on-base child care is not available or a viable option for the service member and their family. The programs available through Child Care Aware® of America provide subsidies for eligible military dependents enrolled in quality commercial child care programs throughout the United States. Child Care Aware® of America authorizes subsidy amounts based on Total Family Income (TFI) for those eligible Army families, and supplies monthly payments directly to the prospective child care provider. The Army Fee Assistance Subsidy is the difference between what the Sponsor would pay for on-post child care and the community-based child care provider’s rate, up to a provider rate cap of $1500 per child per month. The Army Sponsor is responsible for the on-post child care parent fee and any amount over the provider rate cap of $1500. For more information on provider rate caps and fee assistance calculations, please click here.
  • In order to participate in the Army Fee Assistance Program, non-school age children must be enrolled in a minimum of 16 hours of care per week. School age children must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours of care per week during the school year and a minimum of 16 hours of care per week during summer break.
  • Army fee assistance does not cover the drop-in care for non-school age children or school age children on breaks (winter/spring break, snow days, holidays, etc.). Care must be consistent and must have a fixed schedule.”

Air Force Child Care Assistance Information

(copied from

  • “Step One: Eligibility Requirements: Active Duty, Reserve/Guard Active Duty, U.S. Air Force Dual Status Technicians, Survivors of Combat Fallen Warriors, Wounded Warriors
  • Step Two: Select a Qualifying Program & Child Care Provider [Foundations for the Future is a Qualified Provider]
  • Step Three: Collect Necessary Supporting Documents
  • Step Four: Apply Online & Upload Your Documents, Apply Online

There are also benefits available for

For more information on the Child Care Aware America program, visit


Please contact us Foundations for the Future School at 770-429-4799 if you are a military family in the Atlanta area.  We are very convenient to the Kennesaw, Marietta, and Acworth areas.


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