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Cobb County Private Schools Sharing More Than Optimism through Pandemic

During trying times like these, it often takes creativity and a willingness to explore new opportunities in order to overcome challenges and make it through the adversity. 


That’s exactly what 2 private schools in northwest Cobb County have decided to do. A partnership was established yesterday between the leaders of The Foundations for the Future School and The Academy – for Extraordinary Students with Dyslexia . 


The Foundations School has been in existence for 16 years, is recognized by various national accrediting agencies, and has a wonderful reputation in the Atlanta metro area of serving preschool – 5th grade students in an innovative and experiential manner, while challenging and differentiating learning for each child at their level. The Academy, although only entering its inaugural year, offers a very specific structured literacy (using the Wilson Reading System) and multi-sensory learning environment in a low teacher:student ratio for 2nd – 6th grade students with dyslexia. The Academy was just approved by the Ga Department of Education to receive the Georgia Special Needs Scholarships (also known as SB10). 


For at least the initial year of The Academy, it will operate at the Kennesaw campus of The Foundations School located at 1500 Stanley Road, Kennesaw, Ga 30152. The schools will operate on the same calendar and school hours, share facilities and enrichment programs, and before and after school care will be offered to both student bodies. The schools are offering a 5% sibling discount for families attending both school programs.  


Lynn McKinnon, Founder of The Foundations School, and Jimmy Arispe, Founder of The Academy, are both excited to share the future paths of their respective schools with each other. McKinnon says, “We share a similar philosophy of how kids should be educated and it only makes sense for us to combine our resources and school with The Academy. They are destined to do wonderful things for dyslexic children.” Arispe shares that sentiment and expresses, “We are so very grateful to Lynn and her amazing team of teachers for opening their doors and hearts to our students and school community. Our school will only be better by us sharing this school year with them.” 


The schools’ academic year will begin on Monday, August 3rd. Tours, information and admissions questions can be found on either of the school’s websites @ or