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Cobb Safety Village Truck-a-Palooza Family Event In Kennesaw, GA

Don’t miss a fun & educational family event in Kennesaw, GA at Town Center Mall Saturday, Sept 8th. Presented by the Cobb Safety Village, the annual Safety Village Truck-A-Palooza provides 

children and families the chance to get up-close and personal with larger-than-life trucks, public safety equipment, and specialty vehicles. Meet vehicle owners and operators, and have a blast watching your kids touch, climb on and interact with this awesome exhibition of transportation. Over 20 vehicles will be on display, along with a variety of other children’s activities.

Cobb Safety Village believes that education is the key to reducing risk and protecting our community. By reaching out to all residents, they’re able to teach important safety techniques, provide guidance on crime prevention, and, most importantly, involve residents in hands-on learning experience. This event is sure to be a great time for the entire family!