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Comparing Primrose, Goddard, and Foundations School

Comparing Primrose, Goddard, and Foundations School

Have you noticed that the information on most childcare center websites sound very similar?  Here are some things you will find on the Primrose, Goddard, and yes, even our website:

  • child-initiated curriculum
  • accreditations
  • whole child development
  • and the list goes on!

Yet there are large differences between Primrose, Goddard, and Foundations School, so how do you actually compare them?  Let’s look at these in more detail:

Child-Initiated Learning

Though Primrose and Goddard express the philosophy of following children’s interests through child-initiated curriculum, they have a corporately planned and set curriculum, which severely limits any learning outside of the pre-selected theme.  Come tour Foundations and look closely  at our classrooms.  Even ones that are the same age group have completely different projects and activities happening.  This is because the teachers really do follow the children’s interests, working in the Goals and Objectives.  At the end of the year, each classroom has met their Goals and Objectives in a way that unique and engaging to that particular group of children.  


Not all accreditation standards are equal.  The standards for obtaining some accreditations are very low.  In fact, some accreditations can be earned at the corporate level, and the franchisees, like franchised Primrose and Goddard schools, are automatically accredited.  For families looking at childcare and education for their child, it is the individual school that they select that matters the most, so a corporate level accreditation has little benefit.  Foundations daycare program achieved the prestigious NAEYC accreditation as well as the AdvancEd national accreditation, and they are both for the Kennesaw location specifically.  NAEYC accreditation is recognized as the highest national standard in accreditation for early childhood care and education, and there are no Primrose or Goddard schools in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Powder Springs, or Smyrna area that have achieved NAEYC accreditation (as of the time of writing of this article on 11/25/2014).  

Whole Child Development

Foundations is a family owned daycare and school, not a franchised center like Primrose and Goddard.  As an independent school, we do not need to create gimmicky, proprietary curriculum systems to attempt to stand apart.  Instead, we use the most research proven standards for Goals and Objectives as the guidelines for our developmentally appropriate lessons.  TeachingStragegies GOLD standards have been proven to be successful with over 30 years of research to back them.  We allow the children to guide the projects in the classroom, and we work in these proven goals and objectives, for the perfect balance of individualized learning and high standards.

How to Decide

As you can see, there can be a big difference between what a website says and what is actually happening in the classrooms.  So how do you know what is accurate?  I always suggest touring the centers you are interested in, and talking to the teachers and the parents that are there.  You can also ask more direct questions about just how they will individualize their curriculum to your child, what exactly is required of them for their accreditation, and how they incorporate proven standards into their program.  These steps will help give you a little bit depth of information than just a regular tour.


Please come take a tour of Foundations childcare to get a feel for a creative learning based school.  If you cannot get by in person, be sure to do a virtual tour on our website.  Even though the classrooms are just a piece of it, you can see that the materials and classrooms reflect a learning environment unique to each student group.  You can stop by anytime to speak to our teachers, and come visit in our lobbies where parents and children often relax before and after school, to ask them about our program.  Visit or call Foundations at 770-429-4799 to find out how we can help you meet your care and education goals for your child.  

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