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Don’t Fix Feelings–Coach Them

The authors of the book, Social Emotional Tools for Life, Michelle Forrester and Kay Albrecht, do a wonderful job of concisely summarizing the theory and reasons behind emotion coaching, which is the approach Foundations uses for helping children through their emotions. They advise: “When children are upset, it’s natural to want to comfort them by making their big feelings go away. Emotions don’t need fixing…. Instead, focus on helping children name the way they are feeling and manage their intense emotions. Recognize and validate that the emotions are present and real to the child. Then, connect intense emotions to appropriate behaviors (such as taking deep breaths or sitting in a cozy corner) and teach children to use problem-solving skills, like calling for help from an adult or making a plan to get what they want. This helps children manage how they feel without dismissing their feelings.” Click here to learn more about Foundations for the Future’s Philosophy & Vision. Enjoy a few photos of some social-emotional highlights from this morning, including our school-age students who obliged me by demonstrating a range of emotion faces!


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