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Environmental Initiative At Foundations School In Kennesaw, GA

Since opening in 2004, Foundations’ has been committed to sustainable principles, and operating as environmentally responsible as possible. Things that may seem small have a large impact long-term. Through our commitment to sustainable principles, we’ve reduced our environmental impact through:

  • solar power for our energy
  • using real dishes instead of disposable dishes, saving tons of paper and plastic waste
  • onsite gardening practices
  • utilizing recycled and found materials for classroom projects
  • weekly recycling school wide
  • utilizing electronic communication vs. printed

In 2013, Foundations’ was recognized as a “Cobb County Green School”. This initiative was designed to designate Cobb County schools that demonstrate a continued commitment to environmental education, conservation, preservation and beautification of our environment. To qualify as a “Green School”, our teachers plan and employ at least 5 environmentally friendly projects each year.

In the summer of 2018, we began our second biggest project we have undertaken since the renovation of our Elementary & Gym building in 2011. During the renovation in 2011, we added 6 classroom spaces, a kitchen, an office, the rock wall, and redesigned the gym space. Although solar panels have always been a goal of ours, the cost has only reached an affordable level in the last few years.

Our recent addition of solar panels are designed to last a minimum of 25 years, and we plan on being here even longer! We look at these renovations and improvements as investments into our school’s long-term future. By adding solar power generation to our school, we will almost completely offset the need for energy from outside sources. Each building is equipped with a 47.6 kW Solar PV array, which will result in a total output of 95 kW of solar power. Cobb EMC gets it power primary from burning coal and natural gas (55%), nuclear power (38%), and solar (7%).

Offsetting 96 tons of CO2 annually, the solar panels save environmental degradation equivalent to taking a dozen cars permanently off the road or planting 70 new trees. We look forward to producing our own power in an environmentally friendly way, and even to providing some solar generated power back to our community.

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