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Foundations School blog covers a range of topics relating to the care and education of young children, with special focus on development, brain research, and progressive education.

First Day of School Year 2014-2015

What a wonderful start to the first day of school! Everyone jumped right in! Art with Ms. Misha, exploring outside, playing getting to know each other games, setting up a full size outdoor camping tent, and even a math challenge! The first day of school bring back many memories for adults, and we watched as many of those memories were made today for the children at Foundations.  The teachers took extra care to make sure that each student had a memorable day, building on the exciting meet of meeting new friends and seeing old ones, talking about summer vacation adventures, and getting to explore their classrooms.  #firstdayofschool #infants #toddlers #preschool #PreK #elementary #middleschool #FoundationsfortheFuture #Kennesaw