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Foundations Best Toy Award! Careplay Ride-On Push-Cars

As a Kennesaw child care center and school in operation since 2004, Foundations for the Future has seen the best (and worst) in children’s products. We have had hundreds of children put toys to the test over the years, and we know which ones hold up to the attentions of very creative, bright, and determined children.

These Careplay Ride-On Push Cars have remained a favorite, and they hold up great, even when used as off-road vehicles, which is probably not the original intent–they absolutely love to ride them down the little hill on the playground, and race them on the sidewalks.

Age recommendation: We recommend these for children just learning to walk through about two and half years old. Three year olds still like them, but they are starting to get too big to use them appropriately, so you might begin to see three years trying to use them in other less desirable ways, like standing on them….

Top 5 Reasons We Love the Careplay Ride-On Push Cars:

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