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Infants through 6th Grade

Foundations School provides the perfect environment for your child to thrive.  The curriculum and facility are designed based upon the science of how the brain develops.  Scientific studies of brain development have substantiated the importance of including the youngest years within a curriculum to help develop the best thinking skills for future years of academic learning. From infancy all the way through the elementary program, Foundations provides children continuity in classmates and teachers in an exceptional learning environment that encourages exploration and creative thinking.

Foundations School assures working parents of a safe, secure environment for their children and a staff dedicated to instilling a love for learning and exploration. Using experiential learning and creative curriculums, Foundations integrates science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into its emergent curriculums.

The most popular exclamation we hear from parents during their first visit is: “Wow, I wish they had a school like this when I was a kid!”

infant childcare playInfants

The most important things for your baby when very young are the prompt attention to their needs and keeping them safe throughout the day.  In a high quality child care environment a low teacher to child ratio is paramount and Foundations follows NAEYC recommendation of 1:4 as a maximum.  Secondarily communication with Mom and Dad and the daily stimulation of our babies ensures the seamless growth and development during these first few months.

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toddler daycare play


As your child becomes mobile and more curious about the world around them it is important to continue to meet all the new safety needs of a child on the move.  Additionally your teachers are trained to facilitate the introduction of new elements into their environment. We want our naturally curious toddlers to experiment and learn about the cause/effect world around them.  Each child develops a unique personality and method for exploring and learning during these early years and we are there with them and sending you daily email reports and pictures of their exploits!

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At this juncture your child is well into the development of social skills, curiosity, opinions and the expression of emotions.  It is an amazing time.  At the Foundations School the daily curriculum is designed around the interests of the children in the classroom.  This leads children toward the deeper exploration of concepts.  Though your child may think it is just play, many early learning concepts necessary for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math are already being formed.  The environment at school will always be rich with interesting projects and activities.  Children are alalso beginning to learn how to function in a group problem solving environment thought they may not be able to express all this to you yet.

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Your child is beginning to engage in higher-level thinking.  You will be surprised at the questions they ask and those questions are really the best gauge of what your child is actually learning.  Acdamics begin to enter the classroom in a fashion that is relevant to the interesting project they are engaged in.  Because they can all move at their own individual paces, by end of the school year most of the PreK students have already worked well into the Georgia Kindergarten Standards.  Classrooms continue to evolve and look very much like a work in progress much of the time.  This is where you begin to see your child’s mind step outside the box and become curious above and beyond what the teacher may have introduced.

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Elementary & Middle

Move to Learn and Brain Science are very critical to your child’s enjoyment of his school curriculum.  You will not find another school facility that is housed inside a gymnasium. Teachers are encouraged to develop curriculum & activities that require movement such as “Dodge Ball Spelling”.  In this manner we activate the child’s brain toward full capacity, and they truly associate learning with enjoyment.  The elementary years are a continuum at Foundations School.  Children work at different grade levels within their groups depending upon the subject matter, thus eliminating tedium and boredom during their school day.  With Foundations smaller class sizes teachers have time to work individually with each student  to solidify learning.  At the culmination of their 5th grade level, students are excited and ready to enter the more traditionally formatted public or private schools and do so seamlessly.

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gymnastics2Our Facility

Foundations School added its elementary/gym facility because parents of our high quality child care wanted their children to continue their educational journey within our progressive, individualized environment.

Our campus is one of the best in Kennesaw. Come see for yourself with a personal tour!



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