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International Academy Of Smyrna School Closing: Invitation To Families and Teachers

The closing of the International Academy Of Smyrna is an unexpected loss for the approximately 1000 students and 90 staff members that were a part of that program. Foundations For The Future School in Kennesaw would like to warmly welcome the International Academy Of Smyrna families and teachers to come visit Foundations, located just about 10 miles north of the International Academy Of Smyrna campus. Foundations provides child care for children six weeks old through preschool, private Pre-K, private Kindergarten through 6th grade with a fantastic and active after-school program, and before and after-school transportation to and from Hayes Elementary school.

Foundations has been open since 2004, and has maintained accreditation through Advanc-ed since the start of our school age program in 2007. The Advance-ed standards are research-based, comprehensive quality standards that describe conditions that are necessary for schools to achieve quality student performance. These standards support an education process that is truly visionary; characterizing how schools should operate to promote a culture of continuous learning that is fluid – engaging leaders, staff and students.

At Foundations, our school age program provides a challenging and fun approach to curriculum that focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as traditional courses language arts and social studies. Our curriculum is individualized and is derived from various baseline assessments allowing teachers to customize the learning path and curriculum for each student based on their academic needs and interest. This emphasis on learning allows students the freedom to create their own comfortable work spaces, incorporate movement and collaborate with children of all ages throughout the day. Foundations accepts CAPS funding, as well as funding for military families through Child Care Aware. Foundations may also be able to help families find other scholarships as well.

We know this is a difficult time for International Academy Of Smyrna families and teachers. We welcome you to come visit Foundations School, and we hope we can help you find a new home here in our community of people who are passionate about great care and education.  Please call us at 770-429-4799 or use our online tour calendar to schedule a tour.