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NAEYC Low Ratios are the Key to Quality

Looking for high quality daycare? Kennesaw familes can count on Foundations to have larger classrooms and fewer students for each teacher group.

We are a daycare Kennesaw, Marietta and Acworth area families come to that is convenient to work and home. Not to mention a place where kids love to be!

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Here’s a great checklist for evaluating your daycare/childcare options. This form is provided by

Checklist for Choosing a Quality Childcare Program”

Quoting a study published in 1995, “When families need to use childcare, it is important that their children are enrolled in the highest quality care possible. Children who have spent time in high quality childcare environments have lasting benefits from the experience. Research indicates that children who receive a high quality early childhood education have better math, language and social skills as they enter school, and as they grow older require less special education, progress further in school, have fewer interactions with the justice system and have higher earnings as adults (Barnett, 1995).

NAEYC Quality Daycare

When you enter the lobby of the Foundations School you might notice that it just feels good. Our atmosphere is designed to be inviting and homelike to reduce stress and encourage families to linger and play. Much of the reason for the overall well being of the staff and students centers around the school’s core philosophy for maintaing low ratios and small groups within the classroom. The school is privately owned and independantly operated. There are no franchise requirements to drive up profitability by overloading classrooms and teachers.


Come and see first hand how this single operating mandate at Foundations School provides extraordinary quality.

Low teacher to child ratios translate to:

  • more quality time and individualized care and instruction in the classroom for each child
  • increased interest level in children during small group activities
  • projects can be more challenging with fewer students to teach
  • lower stress in general for students and teachers
  • long term improvement of teacher retention (Average retention of permanent staff at FFTF is over 3 years!
  • student Assessments can be more detailed and personally delivered to parents twice each year

Low ratios combined with average classroom size being over 50% larger at Foundations make the environment in classrooms more inviting and a place where children look forward to attending and learning every day.

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Age Group Foundations Goal State Ratio Classroom Impact
Infants 1:4 1:6 33% fewer infants per teacher
Toddlers 1:5 1:8 37% fewer toddlers per teacher
Preschool 1:7 1:15 46% fewer preschoolers per teacher
Pre-K 1:10 1:18 44% fewer Pre-K children per teacher
Kindergarten 1:12 1:20 40% fewer Kindergarten children per teacher
1st-6th 1:12 1:25 52% fewer elementary students per teacher

In Smaller Classes We Can Do More!

The class can work together to build things.  These projects teach students math, science and teamworking social skills all in a format that is engaging and fun!

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Our Foundations Elementary students participated in something very special this year – the Atlanta Maker Faire. This event is designed to encourage invention, creativity and resourcefulness – exactly in line with our philosophy at Foundations! Exhibitors are given the chance to showcase their products and ideas and actually teach others how to create these items. Foundations for the Future was one of the few elementary schools exhibiting and our young inventors and their inventions were a big hit!