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Co-Founder, Head of School
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Lynn McKinnon is the true visionary behind the Foundations for the Future School.  She started her career working for Kennesaw State University’s STARS program teaching faculty how to incorporate technology into their classrooms, which ignited her desire to have an impact in the field of education. More importantly, as a new mother, she saw the need to reach beyond the safe care of young children into a true educational format designed for young learners. She wanted to provide the best care possible and then add an innovative educational structure to capatalize on each child’s love for learning and exploration.

She partnered with her mother, Laurie Massaglia, to find a suitable location with enough land to design and build the Foundations Facility.  They also then developed a new ‘non-traditional’ operating structure and curriculum to create an “optimal” learning environment for the youngest of our children.

At Foundations since: 2004 
Education/Experience: Lynn Graduated Cum Laude from Kennesaw State University in computer science in 2003
Fun Fact: Lynn has three children attending Foundations: Kenzie (Tangs/toddler room) Hunter preK & James 6th grade. Her oldest (Scott) graduated in the first 5th grade graduating class and is in 9th grade at Dominion Christian school.