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One of two “specialist taught” subjects offered at Foundations – children receive in-depth music instruction every week.

Instructor, Lauren McBride

It’s important to open new “files” in a child’s brain through experiences so that the child may pull information from that file at any point in their life. If any subject file is not opened by about 10 years of age then information on that subject will not have a place to connect in the brain and is very difficult to learn. For that reason I bring complex instruments for the kids to experience. I describe it, play it, and allow each child to play it. If it is a mouth instrument I play it while they press buttons or close finger holes to change the tone. Children hear various styles of music, learn about how music is created (vibrations) and why larger and smaller instruments play lower and higher notes respectively. The classes are shown (babies) or helped to practice steady beat, rhythm patterns, and singing. We repeat songs like Comin’ Round the Mountain many weeks for memorization, add movements to help recall words and make it more fun, and sometimes free dance with scarves for individual expression. We also use songs to reinforce knowledge of body parts, colors, and letters. Almost every class involves playing simple instruments like rhythm sticks, shakers, finger cymbals, and/or jingle sticks, but every week changes with complex instrument type and they are challenged to learn to be a good audience member while waiting their turn to play. If you go to a play, concert, or anything of that nature ask them to sit like Miss LaLa taught them, quiet and still then clap at the end, to show respect for the people on “stage” and help them feel good. Hopefully it will help! I love having fun with kids while they soak up all the knowledge and I especially love the “hey wawa” (LaLa) and hugs as I enter or leave! If any of you want your child to have private lessons in voice, acting, or general music, please contact me through my site. Below is a schedule of my “special instruments” I will introduce to the classes. The few mouth instruments shared are cleaned between each child.

August -Instrument Introduction

  • Wk 1: Glockenspiel (percussion)
  • Wk 2: Keyboard (percussion)
  • Wk 3: Trombone (brass wind)
  • Wk 4: Clarinet (woodwind)
  • Wk 5: Violin (string)
September – Winds

  • Wk 1: Flute
  • Wk 2: Pan Flutes & Indiana Flutes
  • Wk 3: Recorder & Harmonica
October – Percussion

  • Wk 1: Guitar (has strings, but you strike it to play)
  • Wk 2: Snare Drum
  • Wk 3: Resonator Bars
  • Wk 4: JAM SESSION w/ Drums, Wood Blocks, Maracas, Triangle
November – Brass & Woodwinds

  • Wk 1: Trombone
  • Wk 2: Trumpet & Postal Horn (antique)
  • Wk 3: Clarinet & Silver Clarinet (antique)
December – Strings

  • Wk 1: Cello
  • Wk 2: Violins (3 sizes, 1 antique)

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