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Nanny VS Daycare — Which is best for your family?

For many families, making the decision to return to work and trying to figure out who will watch your child can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to mentally and logistically prepare for a new role of being a parent, but the added emotions, financial factors and time constraints makes finding the right child care feel like the toughest and most important job in the world.

When thinking about child care for your infant or toddler, the first question is to decide which type of child care would work better for your family dynamic — a nanny or a daycare facility. There are many advantages for each that should be considered before a decision is made, and we’ve included our list below:

The advantages of enrolling your child in a daycare:

  • Daycare centers provide your child with exposure to multiple, caring adults rather than just one person.
  • Daycare centers help your child to learn socialization skills and build relationships with other children and their teachers.
  • Routines are a very important part of daycare, and teaching children routines (sleeping, eating, outdoor time, etc) prepares them for preschool and pre-k programs, and eventually school.
  • Daycare centers also have a built in community of families, that often turn into life long friendships for parents and children.
  • The resources available at daycare facilities are typically materials more than one home could ever provide, ranging from art supplies and educational games to dress-up outfits and building blocks. Many also bring in experts for extra activities such as spanish and gymnastics.
  • Daycare centers must meet government standards and pass annual licensing inspections. Additionally, many daycare facilities choose to be accredited by the national agency, NAEYC.

The advantages of hiring a nanny:

  • Your child will receive one-on-one attention.
  • Consistency of a single caregiver that can get to know your child, and may be able to help with additional tasks around the home.
  • Your child won’t be exposed to other kid’s germs, often leading to fewer winter colds.
  • Often times, nannies can be more flexible with hours than a daycare facility.
  • Nannies can  care for children in your own home.

We know that choosing the right option for your family can be difficult. What makes the most sense for your family’s schedule, your finances, and your long term goals for your child? What is your child’s temperament? Does your child have any special needs? How does your child handle transitions?

There is no “right” answer outside of what will work best for your family. Once you review your options, we invite you to visit Foundations School. We hope we can help you find a new home here in our community of people who are passionate about great care and education.  Please call us at 770-429-4799 or use our online tour calendar to schedule a tour.