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Parent Communication is the Key

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Foundations wants the best for your family. We will always listen to your ideas!

Foundations continually seeks to improve its communication with parents and extended family members. This keeps families actively engaged and involved in their child’s development. We are a private elementary and childcare located in Kennesaw GA. We enroll students at infant, toddler, preschool, prek elementary and middle school levels. Foundations’ strives to keep parents up-to-date and informed on a daily, weekly, monthly and even semi-annual basis in the following ways:

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  • Developmental Assessments for all ages are completed three times a year (October, January and April) to document progress in each developmental area
  • Parent conferences are held twice a year and on an as needed basis
  • Daily Discovery Reports are emailed with photos of child’s class activities
  • Weekly Lesson Plans are emailed to parents
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack Menus are emailed weekly
  • Minor Injury Reports, Behavior Updates, and Illness Notifications are emailed, in addition to phone calls and in person communication as needed
  • Classroom Parent Communication Board – each classroom provides important information ranging from general classroom information to special dietary needs of students on the bulletin board
  • School Newsletters are emailed monthly and includes upcoming events, research summaries, updates and other important information
  • Foundations’ Facebook page is an excellent source of information for grandparents and extended family to stay up-to-date on highlights of school activities
  • Foundations’ blog and other social media add value with new educational techniques, successful strategies and recognition the school and its teachers receive
  • Multiple administrators on site for face to face questions as parents drop off and pick up daily

Communication plays an important role in keeping families actively involved and informed about their child’s progress, classroom activities and school news.

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