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A place where learning comes to life!

My daughters attend Foundations (one in the elementary level and one in the toddler room.) Being in the field of education myself, I was highly impressed by the depth of knowledge of the elementary school teachers. They truly understand how to differentiate instruction in order to meet each child’s needs and genuinely have a passion for their profession–both very important qualities! In addition, they also truly listen to the kids and care about the theories and ideas of the children. The kid’s ideas are important at Foundations and projects are often based upon their interests as well as the state standards. The kids are “alive” here and learning is exciting! At my daughter’s “top rated” public school she did plenty of worksheets, sat at a desk and was bored. At Foundations she is excited to go to school and her passion for learning has been reignited. This is exactly what I was looking for in an elementary school. The toddler teachers are also very loving and caring. They always greet my youngest daughter when she comes in and when she leaves and know exactly what she did throughout the entire day. Any time she does something really exciting, the teachers are sure to take a photo and tell me about it right away! They are very encouraging and use positive discipline techniques. I love the idea that I can go online and see photos of everything they did throughout the day–it helps me keep in touch with what my girls are doing at school. A+!

I want to go to school at Foundations!

That is what my son tells me, daily! He looks forward to attending and comes home excited about the day’s events. The smile on my son’s face is just as wonderful and warm when I drop him off in the morning, as it is when I pick him up in the afternoon. The ride home is filled with stories about all that he experienced and learned throughout the day. Once you meet this staff you’ll see exactly what I mean. They are always cheerful and helpful. I am impressed! My only regret is that I didn’t start my son sooner! I strongly recommend Foundations For The Future.

Our daughter has been at FFTF since she was 3 years old. She will now be in 2nd grade and we feel extremely lucky to have her at FFTF. The school is safe, teachers are wonderful and facilities perfect for learning. Our daughter loves to go to school every day and has scored over a year ahead the last two years on the standardized test. The 10-1 student/ teacher ratio is exceptional. The environment is nurturing and creative – perfect for learning. FFTF also offers many extracurricular activities during school hours that our daughter enjoys. We couldn’t be more happy with a school and feel it is a great value for the money. The after school program and summer camp are also excellent.

Foundations is always trying to improve the school & curriculum; innovative, open to ideas

My son’s teachers are great, and he has fun as well as learns a lot. Definitely a school experience instead of just babysitting. They really do a lot of different activities to keep the kids interested. And all the kids seem to get along really well.

A wonderfully small, independent, personal school experience for our son

Children come first and changes are made for the best interest of the children

The approach that is taken with learning and the individual attention each child receives

The atmosphere is nurturing and the staff is wonderful in many ways. Granny Carol is absolutely the best cook.

The creative & innovative teaching methods used in the K-3rd class

Knowing that our daughter is in a caring, learning environment and that the teachers are loving, observant & responsible

My husband & I are very pleased with the school’s diversity & opportunities for a variety of learning experiences. We are also very pleased with the teachers.

My daughter loves coming here, so I know that it is a great place. She loves her teachers, and her teachers love her. It’s a very special environment

The inviting entrance and home-center areas; It feels more like a friendly gathering instead of school

The overall curriculum is great & the teachers & staff are very friendly. They really create a wonderful environment for children to learn!

The teachers, the daily emails, and the activities my son is able to do

The atmosphere, the teachers, the low ratios! We love it here!