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Private School Kindergarten Readiness: What You Need to Know

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The process of determining if your child is ready for kindergarten in a private school can be stressful and confusing, especially for children with summer birthdays.  It isn’t uncommon for moms and dads to second guess themselves; If Jacob’s mom is holding him back a year, should I hold my child back? Am I missing something?

Does Your Child Meet the Age Requirement for Kindergarten?

Before you spend time assessing your child’s readiness for a Kindergarten program, first make sure they meet the school’s cutoff age requirement.  In a public program, the cutoff age is typically the same for the whole state.  For instance, in GA, your child must turn 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year.  However, private schools often have different cutoffs, because they are not controlled by state regulation.  Because the required skill and maturity level for a private kindergarten classroom tends to be higher than what is required in a public program, private schools often have an earlier cutoff date, so that the children entering the program are older.  Read our blog for more information about the Kindergarten age cut off in GA.  

How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready For Kindergarten in a Private School?

Regardless if you are sending your child to a public or private school for kindergarten, there are basic skill sets your child needs before starting the school year.

Click here for a great printable checklist of specific Kindergarten readiness skills from the website.  This checklist does a great job of including the developmental skills need for Kindergarten, as well as the academic skills.

Here are the most common general areas to consider regarding Kindergarten readiness:

  • Enthusiasm Toward Learning: Does your child seem eager to learn new things? Do they ask questions and seem curious?
  • Solid Oral-Language Skills: Can your child clearly and consistently communicate their needs verbally and understand directions from a teacher?
  • The Ability to Listen: Can your child actively listen to instructions? If you read your child a story, can they answer questions about the story or tell you their favorite part?
  • The Desire to Be Independent: Does your child know how to or want to hang up their coat or blow their nose on their own?
  • The Ability to Play Well with Others: While this is a work in progress at the kindergarten level, does your child have the capacity to share with others and take turns most of the time?
  • Strong Fine-Motor Skills: Can your child hold a pencil or crayon?
  • Basic Letter and Number Recognition: Most kindergarten teachers like incoming children to know their uppercase and lowercase letters by sight, numbers 1-20, and basic shapes like a circle, triangle, etc.

These are just some of the things teachers look for when assessing a child for kindergarten readiness. For additional information, check out these online resources:

When you are looking at private school for Kindergarten, contact the school at least a full year prior to when your child would start Kindergarten.  This way, you have time to work with your child on the readiness skills before they will be evaluated during the admissions process, which normally occurs during the middle of the Pre-Kindergarten school year.  Each individual private school will have their own expectations for incoming students, and they may be able to provide you with that information.  For college preparatory private schools, they often are looking for first grade level readiness upon entering Kindergarten.

Foundations for the Future Private Kindergarten in Kennesaw, GA

Foundations School offers a private Kindergarten, convenient for families working or living in Kennesaw, Marietta, Powder Springs, and Acworth.  We can help you assess your child’s readiness for different types of Kindergarten programs.  Foundations offers placement options to fit a variety of levels of students, from those that meet some but not all of the Kindergarten readiness skills, and for those that exceed them, through our mixed-grade classroom learning environment.

If you would like more information about Foundations For The Future Creative Child Care and School, please contact us by email at [email protected], via telephone at 770-429-4799, or on our website. You can also take a visual tour of our facility and even schedule tour with our Admission Director here.

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  1. It’s great how the article mentioned that you should contact a private school for Kindergarten at least a year before the child would start. My wife and I have a son who is about to turn 4 and we have been considering sending him to a private school for Kindergarten because we do not feel comfortable sending him to public school. It would be good to have as much information as early as possible before signing him up for anywhere.

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