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Private Schools in Kennesaw GA

The Georgia Department of Education records show that there are 11 private schools in Kennesaw GA, and there are 34 private schools in Marietta GA.  For families looking for private schools in Cobb County, sorting through 45 options can be a daunting task.  The good news is that with so many options, you are sure to find one that is the perfect fit for your family.

You can narrow your options down quickly if one or more of the following statements describes what you are looking for:

  • a private school that is not affiliated with a religion (also called non-religious or secular)
  • a private school that has a special emphasis
  • a private school that carries a specific accreditation
  • a private school that accepts Georgia Special Needs Scholarships
  • a private school that provides early care and education for children in preschool

Non-religious Schools: Only about 20% of private schools in Georgia do not have a religious affiliation, so if your family prefers religion to be taught at home, you can narrow down your school choices greatly.  

Special Emphasis Schools: About 10% of private schools in Kennesaw, GA, offer a special emphasis, for instance, science/mathematics, performing arts, foreign language, or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).  Schools typically invest extra time, training, and resources on their special emphasis area.  

Accredited Schools: While all private schools must be accredited, each accrediting organization has a different set of standards.  If you know which accrediting agency best aligns with your goals for your child’s education, you can search for schools with that specific accreditation.  

GA Special Needs Scholarships: Only about 35% of private schools in Kennesaw and Marietta work with the state to accept GA Special Needs Scholarships. Most students that attend a GA public school with an IEP are eligible to receive this scholarship, which provides funding for them to attend a private school that participates in the GSNS program. Private school tuition can be significantly reduced or even eliminated by attending a private school that accepts this scholarship.  

Early Childhood Education:  Private schools may only offer a single level of school (i.e. elementary, middle, or high school), or they may offer a combination of grade ranges.  In addition, some schools offer a Pre-Kindergarten program, and even fewer schools offer a preschool program.  For families that are looking to provide an early childhood education, there are only a few options for private school in Kennesaw GA that include toddler and preschool educational programs.  

Foundations for the Future School in Kennesaw is the only one of the private schools in Cobb County that combines all of these factors.

Foundations for the Future School:

  • believes in character education and Christian values, but religion is not taught in the curriculum;
  • emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects, in a creative learning environment;  
  • is accredited by AdvancEd, whose accreditation standards assure high quality and promote continuous innovation and growth;
  • accepts the GA Special Needs Scholarship. Some students that have an IEP find that the natural, creative learning environment of Foundations supports their learning style better than a special education classroom;
  • offers early childhood care and education, starting with infant programs, and including toddler, preschool, and Pre-K programs that provide the foundational skills essential for future learning.  

To find out more about how Foundations for the Future Creative Childcare & Elementary School can help with your education goals, please visit or call 770-429-4799.

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