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Results & Illustrations on Progressive Teaching

Brain Development is Most Intense Before Age 3

Critical Brain Development Years

Graph developed by the Council for Early Child Development

Unlike Most Private Schools Foundations School believes in starting progressive teaching techniques with the very young. We are setting habitual responses the right way from the very beginning. Tour Today!

There are a number of critical periods in the first three years of brain development. During these periods, specific brain functions go through fundamental growth and formation. The months after birth, for example, are critical periods for the development of vision and hearing. The years between three and four are a critical period for the development of social skills.

During critical periods, the brain is most sensitive, or able to be shaped, by a child’s environment and experiences, positive and negative. These sensitive periods present unique opportunities to affect healthy development. Providing appropriate experiences during critical periods of development helps children to reach their potential in schools and throughout life. (Excerpts from EC Map

National Stanine Testing of Foundations Students – 85% Scoring Above Grade Level

Results 2013 National Stanine

(Graph illustrates National Average as 5 – All students at 6-9 are 1-4 grade levels ahead in that subject.)

In 2013 Foundations Provided Optional Testing Opportunity for its Students

Twenty two elementary students went through the week of testing and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We are very proud of our students. With 5 being the score needed to be considered “on grade level” it is astounding what our students have achieved with no “teaching to the test”. Math Science and Laungage skill results were all exceptional.

The Ability to Learn New Things is Strongest When Very Young

Brain building Capacity

(Graph created to illustrate when synapses are most easily formed.)

For each new subject area the brain needs to designate and refine specific neural pathways. As the brain matures our synapse connectivity formation decresases dramatically. We can still learn and form new neural pathways all our lives but not as easily as we did when we were between 2&4 years of age. Foundations goal is promote to help children develop these creative responses to problem solving from the very start.

Foundations’ Early Progressive Teaching – Benefits Increase

Project Based Learning 3

(Illustration shows age on verticle axis and “knowledge” along bottom axis)

Exponential Benefits from Continuing Progressive Learning Model Throughout Elementary. Pathways are formulated allowing learning to excelerate.

Foundations School extended it’s reach to include elementary and Middle School ages based upon the demand of our families and the research which clearly indicates that the longer we allow our children to thrive in this environment, the more they will improve their creative thinking and problem solving abilities. With the speed of change throughout the job market, it is impossible to design an education that will teach to the knowledge that will be needed. Instead we must develop the synapses in our youth to be able to adapt, problem solve and learn.