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RE: One of two “specialist taught” subjects included in Foundations tuition – children receive in-depth Spanish instruction every week.

El Programa (The Program)

Children are introduced to Spanish in a fun-filled immersion setting. Through a developmentally-appropriate curriculum, children will learn Spanish the natural way – through hearing, doing, repeating and playing. The classes are organized around themes that are part of a child’s daily life such as colors, numbers, animals, and gradually increasing in complexity and themes.

(Included in tuition)

Las Clases (The Classes)

  • Chiquititos (The little ones) Ages 0-4
    For the infants and toddlers, we will focus on improving their oral proficiency as well as moving into basic sight words via music, visuals, and simple repetition.
  • Grandes (The older ones)
    Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade We will to review the basic concepts and ideas as well as transitioning into the oral and written components of the language by forming simple sentences/expressions and vocabulary involving friends and family, going places, expressing emotions and descriptive words. We will also learn about aspects of Hispanic cultures.

Los Beneficios (The Benefits)

Children who learn a foreign language beginning in early childhood demonstrate cognitive advantages over children who do not:

  • Read sooner than monolingual children
  • Become better problem solvers
  • Tend to be more creative
  • Score higher on standardized tests
  • Experience advanced mental development
  • Develop a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures
  • Have access to a greater number of colleges and/or career opportunities
  • Most often speak the second language with native pronunciation