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Foundations School blog covers a range of topics relating to the care and education of young children, with special focus on development, brain research, and progressive education.

Ivy Hall Day School Closing: Invitation to Families and Teachers

The closing of the Ivy Hall Day School in Kennesaw is an unexpected loss during this holiday season for the approximately 70 families and 20 teachers that were a part of that program.  Foundations School in Kennesaw would like to warmly welcome the Ivy Hall daycare families and teachers to come visit Foundations, located just about a mile down the road. Foundations provides child care for children six weeks old through preschool, as well as private Pre-K, private Kindergarten through 6th grade, and before and after-school transportation to and from Hayes Elementary school, with a fantastic and active after-school program.   Foundations is working hard to accommodate the Ivy Hall child care families and teachers displaced by this sudden closing announcement.  Foundations is committed to assisting families in finding ways to bridge the gap between the current rates at Ivy Hall school and Foundations School.  Foundations accepts CAPS funding, as well as funding for military families through Child Care Aware.  Foundations may also be able to help families find other scholarships as well. We know this is a difficult time

Before & After-School Program for Hayes Elementary Students

The Foundations For The Future School in Kennesaw, GA Offers Before And After School Care In Coordination With Hayes Elementary School The Foundations For The Future school located in Kennesaw, Georgia is excited to announce before and after school care for students at Hayes Elementary. This new program allows parents to drop their child off as early as 6:30 AM at the Foundations School and pick their child up as late as 6:30 PM in the evening at Foundations, with transportation being provided by Foundations to and from Hayes. Students are dropped off at Hayes Elementary by 7:25 AM. Students are picked up from Hayes Elementary School at dismissal and brought back to Foundations for an afternoon of snacks and enrichment opportunities such as assisted homework time, outdoor exploration, gym time, indoor rock climbing, arts and crafts, and more.   Inspired by what they saw as a perfect opportunity to bring another affordable, quality, and convenient option for after school care to parents with students at Hayes Elementary, Foundations co-founder Lynn McKinnon stated, “We are excited about this opportunity to