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Foundations School blog covers a range of topics relating to the care and education of young children, with special focus on development, brain research, and progressive education.

Avoiding The Summer Brain Drain: Summer Learning Activities For Your Child

Avoiding The Summer Brain Drain: Summer Learning Activities For Your Young Child Summer is just around the corner. Images of sandy beaches, later bedtimes, and walking barefoot in the yard are running through your head. Permission forms, homework assignments, and project deadlines will soon be a thing of the past. Who doesn’t like summer with trips to the pool and nights filled with catching lightening bugs in mason jars? I know I do. A week into summer break, say sometime after Memorial Day, you will read an article, maybe even this one, about the infamous summer brain drain. (Or if you are a planner like me you probably started reading about summer brain drain in say, March.) You may panic with the thought of failing test grades and teacher conferences because your child has forgotten everything they learned over the summer. Sometimes referred to as summer learning loss, the summer brain drain occurs when children take an extended break from academic work making it easier to forget material already learned and harder to retain new information. Summer learning loss is

Choosing The Right Day Camps For Your Children In Kennesaw, GA

Day camps give kids the opportunity to play in a way some rarely do in their own neighborhoods or school settings these days. Day camps take children away from computers, TV, and other high-tech devices, swapping them for conversation, fun, and games in a new and educational setting. With so many options available, choosing the right day camps for your children can be overwhelming. We’ve included six key factors to look for when making your decision: Staff To Child Ratio: How big is the setting? How many teachers will there be per child each day? Depending on the age of your child, the child to teacher ratio could range from 1:15 – 1:25. Safety: What plan does the camp follow during emergencies? For severe weather? What precautions does the camp take to ensure the safety of all children? Unfortunately accidents and emergencies do happen, and being knowledgeable about the camp’s process will leave you feeling confident about your child’s care. Schedules: Do you have to commit for the entire week, or is there flexibility to attend on an as needed,

Before & After-School Program for Hayes Elementary Students

The Foundations For The Future School in Kennesaw, GA Offers Before And After School Care In Coordination With Hayes Elementary School The Foundations For The Future school located in Kennesaw, Georgia is excited to announce before and after school care for students at Hayes Elementary. This new program allows parents to drop their child off as early as 6:30 AM at the Foundations School and pick their child up as late as 6:30 PM in the evening at Foundations, with transportation being provided by Foundations to and from Hayes. Students are dropped off at Hayes Elementary by 7:25 AM. Students are picked up from Hayes Elementary School at dismissal and brought back to Foundations for an afternoon of snacks and enrichment opportunities such as assisted homework time, outdoor exploration, gym time, indoor rock climbing, arts and crafts, and more.   Inspired by what they saw as a perfect opportunity to bring another affordable, quality, and convenient option for after school care to parents with students at Hayes Elementary, Foundations co-founder Lynn McKinnon stated, “We are excited about this opportunity to

Private School Kindergarten Readiness: What You Need to Know

private kindergarten - Kennesaw Foundations School
The process of determining if your child is ready for kindergarten in a private school can be stressful and confusing, especially for children with summer birthdays.  It isn’t uncommon for moms and dads to second guess themselves; If Jacob’s mom is holding him back a year, should I hold my child back? Am I missing something? Does Your Child Meet the Age Requirement for Kindergarten? Before you spend time assessing your child’s readiness for a Kindergarten program, first make sure they meet the school’s cutoff age requirement.  In a public program, the cutoff age is typically the same for the whole state.  For instance, in GA, your child must turn 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year.  However, private schools often have different cutoffs, because they are not controlled by state regulation.  Because the required skill and maturity level for a private kindergarten classroom tends to be higher than what is required in a public program, private schools often have an earlier cutoff date, so that the children entering the program are older.  Read our

Opting Out of Georgia Milestones?

Considering a GA Milestones Test Opt Out? There are many reasons you might be considering opting your child out of the GA Milestones testing.  If you do decide to opt your child out of the GA Milestones Test, there are still some major issues that exist with the testing in GA that you may want to consider for next school year.  The problem is not just the test itself, but everything surrounding the testing system that affects your child’s school experience.  As a private school Head of School, I meet the families who have opted out of the public system all the way, and often their experience with standardized testing is a primary reason for that choice.  But standardized testing isn’t all bad.  Surprised to hear me say that?  There are many issues with it, but there can also be many benefits when it is implemented in a way that benefits the students and teachers.  Read on to find out the top issues with standardized testing, including the GA Milestones Test, and also a look at how it could be

Private Schools in Kennesaw GA

The Georgia Department of Education records show that there are 11 private schools in Kennesaw GA, and there are 34 private schools in Marietta GA.  For families looking for private schools in Cobb County, sorting through 45 options can be a daunting task.  The good news is that with so many options, you are sure to find one that is the perfect fit for your family. You can narrow your options down quickly if one or more of the following statements describes what you are looking for: a private school that is not affiliated with a religion (also called non-religious or secular) a private school that has a special emphasis a private school that carries a specific accreditation a private school that accepts Georgia Special Needs Scholarships a private school that provides early care and education for children in preschool Non-religious Schools: Only about 20% of private schools in Georgia do not have a religious affiliation, so if your family prefers religion to be taught at home, you can narrow down your school choices greatly.   Special Emphasis Schools: About

Progressive Learning Environment at Foundations School

Foundations for the Future School prides itself on creating and providing a progressive learning environment for students. This environment is fostered by many things, but one collaborative learning tool is at the core of how we help our students think and learn. This tool is called a K-W-L chart. In June, the Washington Post featured a blog on why it is such an ingenious teaching tool, simple yet indispensable in a progressive learning environment. Foundations’ classrooms regularly use K-W-L charts to enhance learning, as early as in the preschool classes, and all the way through our Elementary School program. K-W-L charts are viewed as a comprehensive educational instrument that emphasize discovery as a means of learning. Because of this, Foundations uses the charts regularly when beginning a new project or discussing a new topic with students. The children are encouraged to list what they know (K), and then what they would like to know (W). After the project or discussion is complete, the children return to the chart for review and then list what they learned (L). The discussions that