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Summer Camps For Kids In Kennesaw, Georgia

It is that time of year again; the time of year to start looking for summer camp options for your kid. Your reasoning behind searching for summer activities for your child may vary. Some parents work full time and need options to fill the time that school once occupied. Other parents need to save their sanity from a summer of nothing but free time. Regardless, the vast majority of parents realize the importance of keeping their child’s mind active and stimulated during the summer break, and summer camps are a great way to achieve that. The Importance of Summer Activities For Kids The benefits of summer camps are well documented. Students lose an average of 30% of their school year progress in math, reading, and spelling over the summer, making academic based camps like STEM camps an excellent choice for avoiding the summer “brain drain.” Keeping your kids physically and mentally active through participation in summer activities further develops resilience, confidence, leaderships skills, independence, and the health and well-being in your child1.   Day camps such as a sport-specific camp

Summer Camp: Fun, Safe, AND Educational!

How do you find the best summer camp program for your child?  Foundations Summer Camp program, conveniently located in the Kennesaw/Marietta area, offer the perfect balance between fun, safety, and learning, for rising Pre-K students through rising 6th grade students.   Safety Children should have fun over the summer weeks, but many families feel like they have to sacrifice safety when choosing an unknown summer camp program.  Typical programs have 25 students to 1 teacher, and their ability to supervise and interact individually with students is very limited.  Summer camp programs that do multiple off-site field trips each week with these group sizes can be very difficult to manage, and potentially unsafe.  At Foundations, there is one teacher for every ten to thirteen children, and we bring the field trips to the students each week, with just two local off-site field trips during the summer.  Students love the personal experience of having the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts and the Atlanta Zoo, just two of our in-house field trips, come to them!  And with such low teacher to child ratios,