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Measles Vaccinations in Georgia Daycare Centers

As the country watches the number of measles cases slowly rise, concerns begin to surface about the safety of children in childcare centers in Georgia.  Georgia, unlike some states, does not make vaccination rates of daycare centers and schools available easily online.  The Georgia Department of Health publishes general information about measles on their website.  The Georgia Department of Health also requires daycare centers and schools to immediately report any cases of measles.  From 2005-2014, there were only five confirmed cases of measles in Georgia.   The Georgia Department of Health is in charge of regulating the requirements for daycare centers and schools, and they audit each childcare center and school each year to ensure compliance.  Georgia requires daycare centers and schools to provide one of two things for each enrolled student: 1) a GA Form 3231 immunization form that is not expired, or 2) a notarized exemption form, which is allowed for religious or medical reasons.   The LA Times news article published February 4th, 2015 titled “Many California Childcare Centers Have Low Vaccination Rates” cites: “Experts say a 92% vaccination