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Foundations School blog covers a range of topics relating to the care and education of young children, with special focus on development, brain research, and progressive education.

Why You Should Choose A Licensed Child Care Center

Did you know that some of the programs you are considering for your child may not be state licensed?  Some might be exempt from licensing for certain reasons, and some might be operating unlawfully.  Either way, when a program is not state licensed, they do not have unannounced inspection visits from state agents to make sure they are in compliance with health and safety rules and regulations.  Unannounced drop-ins are not uncommon, so licensed daycare owners must always be on top of government mandated requirements or risk shutting their doors. Did you know that many “Mother’s Morning Out” programs, and many after school programs, often fall into the unlicensed category?  If they are not licensed, they are not held to basic care standards by the state.  In addition, home daycares can go through the process to be licensed, but some choose to operate unlawfully without going through the process.  Some home daycares have been operating for years before being caught, so be sure to check, since even years of operation is no guarantee that they are complying with state regulations.

Comparing Creekstone, Ivy Hall, Kids R Kids, & Foundations

Comparing Creekstone Academy, Ivy Hall Day School, Kids R Kids West Cobb, and Foundations Child Care & School When looking for daycare in the West Cobb area, there are many centers to choose from. Creekstone Academy, Ivy Hall Day School, Kids R Kids West Cobb, and Foundations Child Care & School are all within about three miles of each other. They mostly provide the same basic services, with similar days and hours of operation, and age groups served. There are differences in the details, but how can you tell which details will impact your child’s experience the most positively? Qualified Teachers What makes a great teacher? Years of experience in the early education field have led me to believe that it is a combination of the right personality type paired with experience and education. When you compare Creekstone Academy, Ivy Hall Day School, Kids R Kids West Cobb, and Foundations Child Care & School, look closely at the teachers. At Foundations, every family that tours is provided a handout with information about each teacher’s education and experience, and how long

Daycare for Newborns: Three Questions to Ask

Most of everything that your newborn baby has to learn about in the early months rests within 6 feet of where they are located.  Whether lying on the ground or being held, your baby is interacting with a very small universe.  Finding a daycare for newborns that has an environment that will support growth and learning while keeping them safe and secure is of the utmost importance.  These three questions will cover the areas most critical to your child’s well being: 1 )What is your Teacher to Child Ratio and what is your Group Size? The number of students per teacher and the total number of students within the classroom are of utmost importance for meeting basic needs and to promote developmental learning. Look for a 1:4 Ratio for your Newborn or Toddler:  Rare NAEYC accredited daycares for newborns  follow the lowest ratios for the highest quality (read more about Foundations NAEYC accreditation here).  This gives your newborn baby 50% more quality touch time each hour than a daycare that offers a 1 to 6 ratio (the ratio allowed by

Looking for More in a Kennesaw Daycare – 5 Benefits at Foundations

Searching for daycare can be an overwhelming task, with over 100 options for daycare just in the Kennesaw/Marietta area alone. If you tour a few childcare centers, it might begin to feel like they all say the same things.  So, what can you do to find the right for your family?  How can you know if the daycare center is a good one? In order to be licensed as a daycare in Georgia, a daycare center must be licensed by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Bright from the Start, showing that they meet minimum standards for operation.   Families can even review the most recent state reports on each center on the BFTS website.  For families looking for high quality daycare (Kennesaw Marietta area), Foundations for the Future goes above and beyond.  Here are the Top 5 Ways Foundations is More Than Just a Kennesaw Daycare: Two National Accreditations: Foundations meets the most rigorous standards for care and education, achieving national accreditation from both NAEYC and Advanc-Ed.  With outside validators reviewing quality regularly, families have the assurance of