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Another One Bites the Dust: Financial Health of Daycare Centers

The title of this article is hopefully just a little bit shocking, and that is purposeful–several sudden daycare closures have happened in the West Cobb area over the past year, and another (Children’s Corner Childcare in Marietta) was announced this week.  This should be alarming to anyone with children in daycare in this area.  Why is it happening? How do I determine the financial health of a daycare?  Will my daycare close suddenly?  These are crucial questions for anyone with children in daycare. This is the fifth daycare closing within this small part of West Cobb in the past year.  Why?  There are many factors, but they are all related to enrollment.  Daycare centers need a minimum number of enrolled children in order to pay the basic operational costs.  When enrollment goes below this minimum, the daycare center cannot continue to operate, and so that’s the simplistic answer as to why these daycares have closed. When trying to assess the health of daycare program, you could try directly asking the owner or director.   But, some places might not be forthcoming if

Why You Should Choose A Licensed Child Care Center

Did you know that some of the programs you are considering for your child may not be state licensed?  Some might be exempt from licensing for certain reasons, and some might be operating unlawfully.  Either way, when a program is not state licensed, they do not have unannounced inspection visits from state agents to make sure they are in compliance with health and safety rules and regulations.  Unannounced drop-ins are not uncommon, so licensed daycare owners must always be on top of government mandated requirements or risk shutting their doors. Did you know that many “Mother’s Morning Out” programs, and many after school programs, often fall into the unlicensed category?  If they are not licensed, they are not held to basic care standards by the state.  In addition, home daycares can go through the process to be licensed, but some choose to operate unlawfully without going through the process.  Some home daycares have been operating for years before being caught, so be sure to check, since even years of operation is no guarantee that they are complying with state regulations.

How to Find A Daycare in Three Helpful Steps

Need to find daycare?  Sending your child, especially your young child, to daycare can be a scary and intimidating decision. This decision is even more challenging if it is your first child and you are not familiar with the ins and outs of daycare. The majority of parents send their kids to some form of childcare or daycare, so there are many resources out there for parents2. The good thing is, there are many studies showing the positive benefits of putting your child in high quality childcare3. In fact, there are studies that show positive benefits of putting your child in daycare at an early age. We have outlined some important steps and questions to make the process easier for you. Three Steps To Finding The Best Daycares Near You 1st Step: narrow it down by daycare cost, location, and reputation Start your search by listing all the daycares near you.  Do a google search for “find a daycare near me,” or near your work address, and you will get a map of the closest locations.  This is your master

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Child Care: Marietta, GA

Did you know there are currently 217 childcare centers in Marietta, GA?!  Looking at all the available options can seem overwhelming, and the internet is full of so much information that it’s hard to determine what is important and what isn’t. Parents often find this period of their child’s care and education to be stressful, as the negative and positive consequences of this decision flow through their minds: “If my daughter isn’t exposed to another language at age 3, is she on the path to low academic achievement and inability to compete in a globalized economy?” “Do I ruin my child’s chances of getting into a great public school gifted program or great private school if I don’t send them to the “right” preschool or child care?” These are just a couple of the many questions and worries parents have expressed to me over the years. Choosing The Best Child Care in Marietta, GA For Your Child The good news is that there are some tried and true things parents should consider when selecting a childcare center.  You can quickly