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What Is The Purpose Of The Private School Admissions Process?

For most parents, the thought of applying to a private school and entering the admissions process congers up a sense of dread and anxiety. We all worry about whether or not our child will “Get In.” We even worry about whether or not we as parents will “Get In,” because yes, parents themselves do play a role in whether or not their child gets into their private school of choice. Then we sit and wait for a hopefully not too thin envelope or not too short email. The Basics That Go Into The Admission Process There are so many things that go into assessing the needs of the students, the expectations of the parents, and the school’s ability to fulfill those needs and expectations.  Most schools have an application, required testing or entrance examination, parent & child interviews, shadow days, and tours of the school. This isn’t a right or wrong, you are in, or you are “out” process; the admission process is about matching the needs of your family and child with the ability of the school to meet

Private School Kindergarten Readiness: What You Need to Know

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The process of determining if your child is ready for kindergarten in a private school can be stressful and confusing, especially for children with summer birthdays.  It isn’t uncommon for moms and dads to second guess themselves; If Jacob’s mom is holding him back a year, should I hold my child back? Am I missing something? Does Your Child Meet the Age Requirement for Kindergarten? Before you spend time assessing your child’s readiness for a Kindergarten program, first make sure they meet the school’s cutoff age requirement.  In a public program, the cutoff age is typically the same for the whole state.  For instance, in GA, your child must turn 5 years old on or before September 1st of the school year.  However, private schools often have different cutoffs, because they are not controlled by state regulation.  Because the required skill and maturity level for a private kindergarten classroom tends to be higher than what is required in a public program, private schools often have an earlier cutoff date, so that the children entering the program are older.  Read our