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Opting Out of Georgia Milestones?

Considering a GA Milestones Test Opt Out? There are many reasons you might be considering opting your child out of the GA Milestones testing.  If you do decide to opt your child out of the GA Milestones Test, there are still some major issues that exist with the testing in GA that you may want to consider for next school year.  The problem is not just the test itself, but everything surrounding the testing system that affects your child’s school experience.  As a private school Head of School, I meet the families who have opted out of the public system all the way, and often their experience with standardized testing is a primary reason for that choice.  But standardized testing isn’t all bad.  Surprised to hear me say that?  There are many issues with it, but there can also be many benefits when it is implemented in a way that benefits the students and teachers.  Read on to find out the top issues with standardized testing, including the GA Milestones Test, and also a look at how it could be