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Foundations School blog covers a range of topics relating to the care and education of young children, with special focus on development, brain research, and progressive education.

How to Find A Daycare in Three Helpful Steps

Need to find daycare?  Sending your child, especially your young child, to daycare can be a scary and intimidating decision. This decision is even more challenging if it is your first child and you are not familiar with the ins and outs of daycare. The majority of parents send their kids to some form of childcare or daycare, so there are many resources out there for parents2. The good thing is, there are many studies showing the positive benefits of putting your child in high quality childcare3. In fact, there are studies that show positive benefits of putting your child in daycare at an early age. We have outlined some important steps and questions to make the process easier for you. Three Steps To Finding The Best Daycares Near You 1st Step: narrow it down by daycare cost, location, and reputation Start your search by listing all the daycares near you.  Do a google search for “find a daycare near me,” or near your work address, and you will get a map of the closest locations.  This is your master

Comparing Creekstone, Ivy Hall, Kids R Kids, & Foundations

Comparing Creekstone Academy, Ivy Hall Day School, Kids R Kids West Cobb, and Foundations Child Care & School When looking for daycare in the West Cobb area, there are many centers to choose from. Creekstone Academy, Ivy Hall Day School, Kids R Kids West Cobb, and Foundations Child Care & School are all within about three miles of each other. They mostly provide the same basic services, with similar days and hours of operation, and age groups served. There are differences in the details, but how can you tell which details will impact your child’s experience the most positively? Qualified Teachers What makes a great teacher? Years of experience in the early education field have led me to believe that it is a combination of the right personality type paired with experience and education. When you compare Creekstone Academy, Ivy Hall Day School, Kids R Kids West Cobb, and Foundations Child Care & School, look closely at the teachers. At Foundations, every family that tours is provided a handout with information about each teacher’s education and experience, and how long

Meet Our Preschool (Kennesaw) Teachers

At Foundations for the Future Preschool (Kennesaw), we believe that our teachers are one of our greatest assets. We have an enthusiastic group of educators dedicated to the development and education of young children. These teachers use student interests to develop individualized project work that addresses learning in eight core curriculum areas: social/emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science & technology, and social studies. We would like to recognize the following three preschool teachers for their contribution to our preschool program: Ms. Tiarra (pictured left) has been working with children since 2006, and she obtained an Early Education Technical Certificate at Chattahoochee Technical College in 2013. She has been with Foundations Preschool (Kennesaw) since 2013. Ms. Tiarra knows that children learn best through play so her approach to teaching involves creative approaches, such as singing, to not only help students reach developmental milestones, but also to make them feel nurtured. Ms. Jameela (pictured middle) initially set out on a path to pursue Marine Science, but after two years she realized she really wanted to work with children, in particular those