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“Every 29 seconds another student gives up in school, resulting in more than one million high school students dropping out every year.” ¬†Statistice and facts About Hight School Drop out Rates – The Silent Epidemic

STEM is certainly a buzz word in education right now. But what does it really mean? This article from summarizes what STEM is and shows why it is important for students to have a proficiency in STEM subjects. Foundations is proud to be a STEM school starting with our toddler programs and going through our elementary programs.

Because we focus on teaching through children’s interests, it is a natural fit for our program. Children are inherently curious about the world around them, so they are wonderful engineers and scientists. We capitalize on that natural interest to integrate other subjects through projects that truly engage them while meeting academic standards. We continue this process through our elementary school, so that students at Foundations have a strong background in STEM learning and are well prepared for a future where STEM careers are in high demand.