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What Is The Purpose Of The Private School Admissions Process?

For most parents, the thought of applying to a private school and entering the admissions process congers up a sense of dread and anxiety. We all worry about whether or not our child will “Get In.” We even worry about whether or not we as parents will “Get In,” because yes, parents themselves do play a role in whether or not their child gets into their private school of choice. Then we sit and wait for a hopefully not too thin envelope or not too short email.

The Basics That Go Into The Admission Process

There are so many things that go into assessing the needs of the students, the expectations of the parents, and the school’s ability to fulfill those needs and expectations.  Most schools have an application, required testing or entrance examination, parent & child interviews, shadow days, and tours of the school.

This isn’t a right or wrong, you are in, or you are “out” process; the admission process is about matching the needs of your family and child with the ability of the school to meet those needs. Each step serves a purpose in making sure your child finds the perfect school.

“They {private schools} need kids who will flourish and excel at their school.” ~ Christina Simon in How To Navigate Private School Admissions,, Nov 12, 2014

What Private Schools Take Into Consideration During the Application Process

 There are two main areas that school administrators look at during the application process: the parents and the child

The Child

  • Social development
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Maturity of child
  • Character
  • Fit with school culture
  • Genuine – not over-coached

 The Parents

  • Expectations for the pace of learning, environment, the size of the school and classroom, and method of teaching
  • Are the parents supportive of the child?
  • Are the parents willing to be a partner with the school?
  • Do the parents bring a positive influence to the school community?

Some schools have more flexibility in making modifications in the classroom than others. One private school allows standing desks, frequent breaks, or fidget toys for  kids with ADHD, while another will not. One school may have reading specialists and speech therapists on staff, while another requires the student to get outside help or does not accept any children with reading or speech weaknesses.

All these factors and many others come into play when assessing a child’s application, so don’t take it to heart if your child doesn’t “Get In” to your school of choice. There is a reason and there are other schools that are a perfect fit for your child.

“There isn’t only one good school, despite what the other moms at your preschool are saying. Be open-minded.” ~ Christina Simon in How To Navigate Private School Admissions,, Nov 12, 2014

#1 Thing You Can Do To Make The Application Process As Easy As Possible

Know what you are looking for, what you want in a school; that is the most common advice administrators give potential students and family. Do your research before starting the application process.

Knowing what you and your child need in a school helps administrators quickly assess whether or not they can provide what your child needs and meet your expectations as a parent. This will save both you and the school time and money.

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