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What’s The Difference Between Preschool & Pre-K?

For many families, the terms “Preschool”, “PK-3” and “Pre-Kindergarten” can be confusing. In Georgia, children are eligible for “Preschool” or “PK-3”, if they are turning 3 by Sept 1. For students turning 4 by Sept 1, they would be eligible for a lottery funded or private Pre-K program. Though Preschool & Pre-K are not mandatory, a recent study found that children who attended preschool programs were better prepared for kindergarten than children that didn’t. Many “Preschool” and “Pre-K” proprivate prek - experiential learninggrams start in the fall each year, following an open enrollment period typically from March – July, while some schools offer rolling enrollment throughout the year.

As you consider enrolling your child in a Preschool or Pre-K program, there are several factors to look at when picking a school:

  • Hours of Operation – Do they offer part time or full time programs?
  • Location – Is it better to pick a school closest to my home or to my place of employment?
  • The Curriculum – Do they follow one and what is it like? What will my child learn?
  • Communication – How will the teacher let me know about my child’s progress?
  • Daily Schedule – What is the daily routine in my child’s class?
  • The Teachers – How are their interactions with children? What qualifications do they have?

Children entering preschool or pre-k, have the innate desire to seek out knowledge and answers to the endless questions their natural curiosity constantly presents. Our goal at Foundations School is to provide children with an environment that stimulates their interests, with teachers who use these interests to engage the children in every aspect of learning.

Located in beautiful Kennesaw, GA, Foundations School carries the NAEYC accreditation and observes very low teacher to child ratios (1:9) in our private pre-k and preschool programs. Foundations School uses The Creative Curriculum, a basis for teaching and learning designed to support children’s natural curiosity and stimulate their creativity. This provides a practical, developmentally appropriate approach to setting and achieving those goals while students pursue their individual areas of interest.

In each classroom, teachers use student interests to develop individualized project work that addresses learning in eight core curriculum areas:
private preschool art class

  • Social-Emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Studies

Achieving each child’s developmental objectives encourages problem solving, creativity, teamwork and leadership. Success in these areas builds a strong foundation for their following years in school and in life.

We welcome you to come visit Foundations School, and we hope we can help you find a new home here in our community of people who are passionate about great care and education.  Please call us at 770-429-4799 or use our online tour calendar to schedule a tour.

  1. Thanks for pointing out the difference between preschool and prekindergarten. I am thinking about putting my son in a pre kindergarten program. I think it would be good because he’s smart and it would help him get ready for kindergarten.

  2. My sister’s daughter just turned 3 last month. I like how you explain that pre-kindergarten also known as PK-3 is for children 3 years old and above. Thank you for the information. I’ll recommend my sister to take my godchild to PK-3.

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