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Why You Should Choose A Licensed Child Care Center

Did you know that some of the programs you are considering for your child may not be state licensed?  Some might be exempt from licensing for certain reasons, and some might be operating unlawfully.  Either way, when a program is not state licensed, they do not have unannounced inspection visits from state agents to make sure they are in compliance with health and safety rules and regulations.  Unannounced drop-ins are not uncommon, so licensed daycare owners must always be on top of government mandated requirements or risk shutting their doors.

Did you know that many “Mother’s Morning Out” programs, and many after school programs, often fall into the unlicensed category?  If they are not licensed, they are not held to basic care standards by the state.  In addition, home daycares can go through the process to be licensed, but some choose to operate unlawfully without going through the process.  Some home daycares have been operating for years before being caught, so be sure to check, since even years of operation is no guarantee that they are complying with state regulations.

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What Are The Georgia Day Care Licensing Standards?

Georgia licenses its childcare providers through the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. GA DECAL has a detailed list of licensing requirements on their website.

Georgia requires licensed daycares to meet a set of standards to help ensure your child’s safety and positive learning environment. These regulations cover areas like: staff requirements and training, playground safety, transportation safety, children’s records, children’s medications, and much more.  

One of the most impactful regulations is the Teacher to Child Ratio and Group Size maximums.  You want to make sure the center complies with these, and ideally goes well below these teacher to child ratios. The state requires that licensed child care providers do not exceed these:

  • 6 weeks old to 1 year old, 1 teacher per 6 children, with 12 maximum in the group

  • One year olds, 1 teacher per 8 children, with 16 maximum in the group

  • Two year olds, 1 teacher per 10 children, with 20 maximum in the group

  • Three year olds, 1 teacher per 15 children, with 30 maximum in the group

  • Four year olds, 1 teacher per 18 children, with 36 maximum in the group

  • Five year olds, 1 teacher per 20 children, with 40 maximum in the group

  • Six years old and older, 1 teacher per 25 children, with 50 maximum in the group

Licensed centers and in-home daycares typically have one to three unannounced inspection visits per year to review compliance in all these areas.  Unlicensed do not have any visits, so there is no record available on how well they meet these standards.

Is Foundations for the Future School a Licensed Child Care Provider?

Are we a licensed day care? Yes, we are. We are proudly licensed by the State of Georgia and also voluntarily submit to national NAEYC accreditation as well and Advanc-Ed accreditation as well. These are national accrediting organizations that work nationwide to promote high-quality learning for young children.  

It is our goal to provide children with the highest quality care in a warm and nurturing environment. By seeking licensed child care providers, you are taking the first step in finding high quality care.

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If you would like more information about Foundations For The Future Creative Child Care and School near Marietta, GA and Kennesaw, GA, please contact us by email at [email protected], via telephone at 770-429-4799, or on our website. You can also take a visual tour of our facility and even schedule a tour with our Admission Director here.

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  1. My wife has been thinking about finding a new child care program for us, but we weren’t sure how to choose the right one. I really like that you say to make sure that they are licensed, and that they will be able to provide quality care. It would be nice to know that your child will be safe in the end.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that licensed child care programs tend to have at least 3 surprise visits per year to make sure they follow all of the rules. My husband and I are looking for a great program where we will be able to take our son since I have to go back to work soon. We will definitely be choosing a child care center that has been properly licensed now that now that they will be required to follow many regulations.

  3. I am glad you said one of the most impactful regulations is the Teacher to Child Ratio and Group Size maximums. I am looking for a child care center for my son. Thanks for the tips on choosing a licensed child care center.

  4. I do like that you emphasize the importance of teacher-child ratios. After all, you will want to make sure that your child gets the proper help and attention that they need from their teacher. In order to ensure that they do, it definitely helps to make sure that they have enough teachers for the students.

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