50% smaller class sizes improve

student achievement

Science & math


Our environment fosters creativity

and innovation through STEM


In natural environments

Enhancing the full development

potential of each child



Social and emotional growth

encourages learning

Safe & secure

Learning Spaces

Entrusted with the care and

education of your children


Boosts Brain Power

Brain-based teaching integrates

activity into studies


Learning Environment

Children are more engaged and

motivated to learn

rattleiconInfant & Toddler


Infants and toddlers have the most brain activity of any age.

tricycleiconPreSchool & Pre-K


The Creative Curriculum© uses a child’s curiosity to stimulate learning.

graduationcapElementary & Middle


The challenging curriculum brings a fun approach to science and technology.

Why Foundations:

Vision and values

Vision & Values

When children are motivated naturally by their own interest

Facilities & Technology

Foundations School is specifically designed to enhance learning

Teachers & Administrators

Our teachers and professional childcare providers are exceptional

Education & School News

Foundations School is on the forefront of education

Excellence starts at the foundation

Foundations is a nationally accredited child care center (infants, toddlers & preschoolers) and private elementary (Pre-k to 5th) & middle school (6th &7th) located in Kennesaw, GA, with a strong focus on integrated STEM, brain-based learning and child initiated project work. Foundations' 4-acre campus includes two buildings designed from the ground up to enhance the learning environment and "Move to Learn" philosophy, with many spacious classrooms and extra learning spaces, natural outdoor exploration areas and an indoor gym with an in-ground trampoline, foam pit, rock wall and multi-sport court. Child care curriculum balances care and nurturing with engaging activities built around the children's interest. The school curriculum uses a balance of technology, movement, creativity and focused topic times to meet academic goals through in-depth projects and hands-on exploration.

When children are motivated naturally through their own interest, their learning is more comprehensive and concrete. Everything we do at Foundations is aimed toward developing each child's internal curiosity and motivation to learn. This is the foundational platform that will propel your child toward success and we believe it's never too early to begin the process.

Foundations opened in 2004 and we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary of outstanding contribution to Kennesaw & Marietta GA families. Please call today to learn how your child can get the best care and education in the Atlanta area!

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